Gain Visibility to Sales Trends

See three year sales trends at a glance. View sales dollars, customer or item counts.

Toggle summary totals between Week to Date, Period to Date, Quarter to Date and Year to Date. Events that impact sales are displayed as bubble callouts to direct attention to unusual gains or losses on a given day.

Food sales and non-food sales are helpfully displayed in separate bands.

Understand Your Sales Profitability

As items are sold, the price strategy (Regular Price, Ad, TPR, Instore) by which each item was priced is associated to the sale. This allows reporting sales with rollups and subtotals by store, sales type and subdepartment. Available values include sales dollars, cost, profitability, distribution and markdown. Quickly focus on under-performing stores or departments then drill down into any subtotal to show how individual items contribute.

You are not limited to canned formats: customize the grouping, sorting and visible fields to show the exact information you need. Save and recall specific views easily.

Item Management

SmartGrocer offers a wide range of tools to efficiently manage product information.

Flexible search options quickly return sets of items that may be acted on individually or as a group.

Organize items into 'groups' for efficient updating, batching and reporting.

Minimize key-entry by importing changes from wholesalers and DSD vendors via flexible import definitions.

Control access to changing data with store-level change requests that flow to HQ to be implemented.

Regular and Promotional Pricing

Managing pricing with SmartGrocer is fast and easy. Populate price batches by item search, group, vendor or category. Edits to any item in a product group offers to change the entire group. Filter and multi-select to perform operations across many items at once instead of working item-by-item.

SmartGrocer handles multiple overlapping dated promotions and selects the best price for the customer.

Maintain control of price batch implementation with timed Auto-Apply. Categorize sales totals by assigning retailer-specific ‘Batch Types’ such as Ad, TPR, In-Store. Mange IBM EM promotions or ISS45 Member promotions with user friendly interfaces.

DSD Receiving

SmartGrocer makes DSD receiving simple to implement.

Accurate costs, allowances and items are ensured by easy importing of DSD vendor spreadsheets and flat-files.

Wireless hand held scanning quickly collects inbound product data.

Totals-Only is a quick 1-step process that only requires entry of department cost totals.

Exporting all of that data to accounts payable rounds out the process.

Monitor every DSD vendor's performance and accuracy with profitability reporting down to individual subdepartments.

Handheld Applications

Our customers value the time they spend with their customers. SmartGrocer handheld applications allow them to spend more time on the sales floor.

Verify promotional price batches and apply to your front end without being tied to your PC.

Maintain items by unique ‘profiles’ that allow editing specific sets of fields.

Create inventory batches for financial and known-loss reporting.

Optimize shelf space by scanning any item to see movement history and drop underperforming items.