SmartGrocer gave us the central control we were looking for over all the departments in all of the stores. It has been a nice pick up for the bottom line.

Jim Nilsson, President, Geissler's Supermarket

Associates in all departments are engaged in SmartGrocer. With varying permissions, we have users throughout the store using, accessing and monitoring SmartGrocer on a daily basis. Thanks to our tremendous staff and a great tool in SmartGrocer, every piece of this has translated to improved gross profits.

Tracey Albrecht, Business Manager, Pinny Food Center

Since our adoption of SmartGrocer we have greatly improved our internal processes through more efficient processing of data that we need to effectively run our business. At the back door, or on the sales floor we have the data in the hands of the right people. We continue to find new ways to improve our processes and efficiencies while using SmartGrocer.

Steve Antaya, Vice President, Tom's Food

SmartGrocer gives us the ability to easily monitor multiple and overlapping promotions. This has helped improve our bottom line by insuring that items return to regular retail at the proper time.

Dave Kasa, Owner Operator, Heartland Marketplace & Saturn Food Center

We at Tenuta’s are pleased to have SmartGrocer as our product management system. We have found the accuracy, security and information provided by SmartGrocer to be a most valuable tool in our business.

Phil Hurst, Store Director, Tenuta's Food Lane

It's nice to know where I am at with sales and profit on Monday morning and not wait for an end of the month report.

I like that my team can quickly find problem areas using SmartGrocer and spend more time on the sales floor."

Mike Vinkier, Owner Operator, Vinkier Foods

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